Using presentation to reflect professionalism (S0133122)

Module 6 Blog Topic: Using your blog as an example, explain how you have used presentation to reflect professionalism. Justify your post in the context of public relations.

The ever-growing ways to present information in different language styles makes it very difficult to get a target audience to interpret what is actually intended. Emails, advertising, SMS, Facebook status updates, Tweets, the list goes on… all can be shortened or abbreviated informal messages. In contrast, formal educational sources such as textbooks, scholarly journal articles and so forth can be academically written to the point that they end up simply creating confusion for many readers. A definition of a blog (Macmillan 2014) is a web site of posts that can be both informally and formally written to express an individual’s opinion, interests and personal beliefs in a conversation style.

In my previous blog I act in the context of a PR practitioner for a flying fox charity discussing the Hendra virus (WordPress 2014). I easily could’ve included in the presentation pictures of infected dying animals to gain sympathy from the reader, or added in my elected charity’s logo in order to promote it, or even add an attractive graphic to make my personal blog look more professional… but in my opinion that would’ve been unethical from a PR standpoint and taken the reader away from the blog’s serious key message and title, Hendra virus: more research needed.

The presentation of my previous blog reflects PR professionalism by leaving out distracting graphics/fonts, and instead ethically focuses on the clear brief message, not only the potential benefits that could be gained by my charity. The blog is free of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, is just over 300 words long which met my assessment criteria and is in a conversational style which intends to prevent the reader from getting bored. Furthermore my arguments/opinions are justified with references, PR ethical reasoning as well as a section available to discuss further points of view and comments about my blog.

Macmillan Dictionaries 2014, Blog, viewed 15 December 2014

WordPress 2014, ‘Hendra virus: more research needed’, Blog post, 14 December, viewed 14 December 2014


Tris Kerslake (Lecturer) – COMM11110 Public Relations @ CQUniversity
Monday, 2 February 2015
Grading System
Fail / Pass / Credit / Distinction / High Distinction

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